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John writes, My wife and I were at a Christmas party and I was taking photos of the kids playing. When I uploaded them and going through I noticed what I called "angels" floating behind the boy. I emailed it to the owner of the home and while she and friends looked at it, one of them said "who is that man in the window"?  I did not notice it. If you zoom in to the bottom right of the window, just above the desk, there is clearly a face. It was Dec. 18, 2011, and it was dark outside. I used no flash, simply existing light. Nobody recognizes this face. I have tried to reproduce this in many ways and cannot. The "angels", in my opinion, could be glare from Christmas lights out of view. Is the face just the pattern of the curtain reflecting on the glass?

Owner/submitter: John
  Full picture view as we received it. Resized and circle added by us.
  Close-up of face
  Close-up of image of either angels or unusual lens flare
  GhostStudy Comments:
  Well if it's a ghost, then I guess they should be glad it's on the outside rather than in. As I study the photo, I'm convinced that the face is not an illusion and more than likely not a living person. But as usual, we can't completely rule out the face being a superimposed image. However, the data attached to the photo says it was not modified. Which pretty much leaves that out unless it was tampered with to remove the imbedded data. Of course the other option would be that it's an actual visiting spirit.

As for the floating angel like images, it's most likely a result of the lamp creating 'light anomalies' or a form of lens flare. So we're most likely not seeing actual angels. Very interesting photo though in a creepy kind of way!

Your thoughts would be most welcome!
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This is an actual haunted house in Sacramento CA. We here at GhostStudy took this photo. However, the ghost was added in just for fun..  :)

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