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I received this picture from a friend. It was taken 5 years ago in Lourdes Belgium. No changes have been made to this picture. It's the original photo and appears just as it was taken. I have never seen anything like this in my life and it scares the heck out of me! I hope you can give us some insight or explanation as to what may have caused this strange effect to appear in the photo.

Owner/submitter: Nele
  Ghost messing with someones face! 
  Something's wrong with her face!
  closeup of ghost messing with face! 
  Another size comparison
  GhostStudy Comments:
  This photo is similar to the photo we posted previous to this one that looked like goo or cream on the face. This one however, is a different story. So here's the breakdown of possibilities: 

1. Possibly a supernatural occurrence. Meaning, unseen beings had managed to either mark this woman in some way or they were playing with her appearance in a way that could only be detected on film.
2. Some type of crude makeshift mask.
But as we ponder this option, we have to consider the lady, is most likely in her 50's. I base this on the look of her neck, ear ring and hair. So wearing a mask of any type is most unlikely.
3. Of course we always have to consider photo manipulation as a possibility as well.
 But one thing we should consider is that if it is manipulation, they took the extra time and trouble to add lighting to the ladies left side of her face to add realism to the effect. So it wasn't something quick and easy.

We can only weigh the possibilities and make our own individual determinations concerning this photo.  :)


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