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Hi, my name is Miss Ordene Parris..I was hoping you could have a look and see what you think.. I'm the one in the dress "smile" .. I'm not sure what it is or if its anything at all.. My family and I went to the Carvery in Reading for Sunday lunch, that's where the photo was taken. I think I have something here but if not, I do apologize if I'm wasting your time.. Thank you.. Ordene

Owner/submitter: Ordene
  Shadow ghost behind her! 
  First photo without shadowy figure
  Shadow ghost behind her! 
  Second photo shows a shadowy figure in human form
  shadow ghost behind her up close! 
  Close-up of shadowy figure
  GhostStudy Comments:

This type of image is usually one of three things.

1. An actual shadow ghost caught on film… which I’m not ruling out!  :)

2. An actual person with conditions just right to create such an image through motion, shutter speed, lighting, etc.

3. Manipulation by painting the shadowy image into the photo.


Another thing to consider is, the shadowy figure seems to be facing the girl at the back table but she seems unaware of it's presence. So if it were a live person, it seems as if no one in the room is aware of the fact that a very tall person is standing there, including the photographer. See thumbnail below.

Click thumbnail to enlarge

So, we here at Ghoststudy feel that it's most likely not a living person... but we're not completely ruling that out. Which then narrows it down to either a very impressive manipulation or this might actually be a shadow ghost in the picture. Something else to consider however, is the fact that shadow ghosts like to be in the shadows of darkness, which is not the case here in this well lit room... just another puzzling fact.

Below, we have another photo believed to be an authentic Shadow Ghost captured on film. It's a photo from my last book (Ghosts caught on film 2). I offer it here for comparison purposes only. It's a Shadowy figure that appears to be similar in shape and size to Ordene's photo.

Your thoughts would be much appreciated.
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