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My name is Danielle. I took this photo earlier today while passing a crash site (Prince Frederick, MD) on my way home from college. I didn't notice the ghostly image until a friend of mine told me that they could see the wrecked SUV behind the firefighters. I zoomed into the right side of the photo for a closer look and I was a little freaked at what I saw. I showed it to my family and others to their amazement. My Grandmother then mentioned that I should share it with those that would appreciate it most. What we see in the picture is what we believe to be a spirit leaving the accident scene! And if that is the case, I think your viewers would appreciate seeing it too.

Owner/submitter: Danielle Niblett
  Car accident ghost 
Accident scene showing an angel or spirit appearance
  Tragic car accident ghost 
  spirit leaving accident 
  Super close-up - unfortunately the quality of the photo suffers
  GhostStudy Comments:
  It looks like spirit exiting the accident scene to us too! Or possibly a guardian angel on the scene. We also see what appears to be a protective glow surrounding what seems to be a spirit body within. And lastly, the spirit seems to be trailing away as if moving up and away from the location.

As always, we should also consider natural and/or explainable causes as well. In this case, objects up close to the lens could appear in a similar way. Or lens flare can produce strange objects within a picture as well. But this doesn't look like typical lens flare. And lastly, if the picture was taken through the car window, it could simply be glare or reflection creating the image. So there's a lot to consider but there's also enough evidence to suggest a true spirit or angel as well.


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