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Now... I have seen a lot of weird anomalies in my photos as a photographer. Sunspots, reflections, all sorts of things can cause optical illusions in pictures. So, I've seen them before in my shots, I don't get freaked out by them... but, I must say... this photo has something in it that is just plain scary looking! if you see the creepy face I am talking about, please email and let me know your thoughts.

After I shot these pics, I went back a few days later to check out the spot with the weird face in the window. I just wanted to see if  maybe there was something there that may have caused the anomaly. I looked closely at the area and I was unable to find anything there where the face appears, except a few cobwebs (which are also visible in the pic, so that's not what caused it) And it's still not clear what the cause is... maybe a case of coincidental pareidolia? Or worse yet, maybe an unseen inhabitant of Sapphire Woods? 

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Owner/submitter: / shady
  ghost spirit in window evil 
  Creepy face in the window
  evil ghost spirit in window scary true 
  Extreme close-up
  GhostStudy Comments:
  This picture was posted on our forums and there has been quite a discussion going on about it. So we thought it would only be right to add it to our gallery for even more exposure. Keep in mind though that since this is an older thread, you may need to join the forums (or login) to read about it.

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When you visit the thread about this photo on our forums, you will find a lot of opinions on what may have caused the image if it's an illusion, which is an interesting read all by it self. I happen to agree most with Rawboard's posts and Gizmo. And I thought Agnetha's post was kind of fun where he/she talked about having a glimpse of the curtain moving back and exposing the creature! :) 



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