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The image I include here was taken 2 weeks after my grandfathers passing. I took it only to take images in his house before and after. As I was deleting some pictures from my phone (at the time the light behind the cat was only thing I noticed). I decided to look at the picture more closely and that's when I noticed the face! And it scared me really bad! I NEVER noticed it the first time I saw it! What made me look more closely at the picture was because I was considering deleting it along with several others. It Has NOT been tampered with in any way. At first I thought maybe it was something set up in the house or maybe a glitch but clearly it's not. What appears as a veil is actually the glass from a table that I was cleaning off that day. I put the glass on the chair as you see it in the picture. I have NEVER Witnessed or caught anything else in my Grandfathers home, so this is really odd!! 

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Owner/submitter: Jackie Consiglio
ghost in the mirror! 
  Image of face in the glass
  face in the mirror haunted house 
  ghost spirit in mirror haunted house 
  Original full picture
  GhostStudy Comments:
  As we consider this photo, I guess the question would be, is it easier for a spirit to appear in glass opposed to thin air? When I first saw the image I thought that it was a veiled spirit. The glass gives the veiled impression, but it's still just as compelling to see the face within the glass. Considering the death of the grandfather two weeks earlier, it would be a definite consideration that spirits may be visiting the home (grandpa and or others).

However, because this is a mirror, we also have to consider the possibility of an illusion created from glare, reflection, lighting, etc. But since we aren't seeing the obvious indicators of illusion, we find ourselves leaning towards the possibility of this being a visiting spirit.

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