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Spirit/Ghost Peeking in Car!

My friend sent me this photo of her in the car, and her boyfriend is in the back seat. But I noticed in the window at the back there are two things that look like faces. This was taken on 'snapchat' where nothing can be added to the photo. And there is no way my friend would have added anything to make it look like a ghost. Please help us find out what this is, as my friend is concerned.


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    Photo taken on SnapChat. Image of a male figure peering into the car thru the window. Quite eerie to say the least!

ghost looking in car window!    The boyfriend seems to be checking in on his Facebook account at the time. :)
ghost looking in car window!    Close-up of ghostly image peeking in on those in the car.
ghost looking in car window!    You can see the  background noise through the window. But the interesting thing is, the face is not entirely engulfed in it.
GhostStudy Editor's Comments:
Intriguing Photo capture of the unexplained.
Emily, Please tell your friend that I really don't think she has anything to be alarmed about. It seems to be a curious ghost just peeking in to have a look. If it was a concern, I think she would now be experiencing (or have been experiencing) unusual occurrences in her home or life. I vote a simple case of curious ghostidous.

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    Here's another window ghost from our archives in 2005

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Posted: September 2015
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