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Shadow Ghost in the Room!

This image was taken August of 2007 at the Comstock Lodge in Virginia City, Nevada.  The lamp in the image was the only light source during the shot.  I was alone in the room, my wife and daughter were outside in the car making it impossible to have captured one of them walking past.  Also note the position of the shadow, it's not in a "walk way" but to the edge of the chair.  I would assume any person standing in such a way would cause the chair to tip. 

The mirror is another thing of interest.  No shadow reflection.  If it were just a shadow it would follow the drapes and be visible in the mirror.  Also the shadow figure appears to be casting a couple of shadows of it's own.  One on the chair and one going towards the bed.  As far as I can tell, all shadows with the exception of the shadows "shadows" are consistent with the lamp as the only light source in the room. 

I'm not familiar with photo editing software but is it possible to take a dark shadow and when brightened have another image take shape?  That is the case with this image.  The dark shadow when adjusted will take on the shape of a man.  If you need any more information from me, please send me an email.  I look forward to your analysis.  If this is not a spirit I am very interested in knowing all possibilities of what could have caused it.

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Raul Juarezz
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shadow ghost comstock inn virginia city nevada 
Original photo
  One of the most amazing Shadow Ghost photos ever captured on film. Taken at the Comstock Lodge in Virginia City, Nevada, August 2007.
Rual suggests that the mirror should reflect the ghost at that angle. And we agree, But perhaps shadow ghosts don't always reflect well. Or the level of it's transparency prevents it. Either way though, we have it on film!

shadow ghost comstock inn virginia city nevada    Rual enhanced this one a bit for us in order to reveal some of it's human features.

See the second brightened & enhanced photo further down below for a more revealing insight into the shape and size of this ghostly image. Levitation is even a possibility.
shadow ghost comstock inn virginia city nevada    Enlarged for clarity. Do you see the hat? Many who have experienced shadow ghosts report them as wearing a hat with a rim.
shadow ghost comstock inn virginia city nevada   Do you see what appears to be a face on the shoulder of the shadow ghost? Creepy stuff!
shadow ghost comstock inn virginia city nevada   This is about as bright as we dare go for the clearest view possible.

And with this closer look to detail, this human shape may actually be levitating off the floor. At least it appears that's way with this brighter image.

Perhaps I have captured Henry Comstock of the Comstock Lode.  He went insane and killed himself.  Did it in Montana not Nevada but his mine, the richest in history built the town.  Perhaps he has returned.  If there was a soul that would not be settled he would be one.  Having sold his interest cheap not knowing the millions that would be made from it.

  A member from our Forums 'Dem0000' wrote this...

"Compare the Shadow Ghost capture with the picture of Henry Comstock. Very similar.. even the same position."
shadow ghost photo virginia city nevada   The room during the day. Not so haunted looking now.  :)
shadow ghost virginia city nevada   The outside view of the Comstock Lodge. The first thing I did when seeing this photo was to check every window for ghost images. No luck though. :)
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    Here's a photo from our archives from years ago. Shadow figure appears in picture behind the young boy.

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Posted: September 2015
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