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   Spooky Castle Witch Ghost!
Rare Capture of what looks like a lingering Witch Ghost!

Erica writes, I'm Erica and I'm currently living in Germany. I've had this picture for about five years now . I took it in 2009 time frame. I was visiting the Heidelberg castle in Germany with my family that day. I took this picture in the early evening and we were walking to the car from the castle. When we were walking over the bridge from the castle I stopped , snapped a few picks and was on my way. Camera type was nothing special , it was just a little digital cheap camera ... Later that night my mom was flipping through the pictures and was immediately freaked out .
   The crazy thing is, that specific day was the "longest night of the year". And at the castle there we're people having a sťance with candles in the woods . The history is, they used to hang witches at the stake here .... Long story short this picture looks like a witch... But a huge one ... So it's almost unreal and confusing to figure out . There's orbs around it to. Please either debunk this or tell me it's legit . I've had this picture for years and have always wondered ! Thank you for your time .
Sincerely , Erica".

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Submitted by:
Erica | nolfyyyy@hotmail.com
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heidelberg castle witch ghost     Original photo!
No enhancements.

Scaled down to 400 pixels from

heidelberg castle witch ghost germany    We Enhanced the image and scaled it down to 495x742 to fix this page.

Interestingly enough, as we compare the figure to it's surroundings, the witch would have to be at least 15 feet tall! And maybe much higher. Either that, or the witch image is closer to the camera than we suspect.
heidelberg castle germany hasunted witch ghost    Additional enhancements added for brightness and clarity. A blue tint was also included for effect.

In addition, we zoomed   in for an enlarged view.
    Heidelberg Castle
GhostStudy Editor's Comments:
If you look at the third photo (enlarged)... the witch figure seems to have a strange hand and pointy feet. and her face appears to be white. It's all very strange, to say the least. It's almost as if she wanted to be seen in the photo. But what would be her message or motive for such an appearance?

As usual, we can't completely rule out trickery but that doesn't seem to be an issue here. Fascinating capture... If I lived close by, I would be there setting up and snapping pictures on a regular basis.  ; )

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Posted: October 2016
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