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I took this picture at Old Newgate Prison in Connecticut. I noticed nothing abnormal when I took the picture, but when I got it onto my computer I saw the girl in the third window on the second floor. This is the origional guard building from the prison, and as far as I am aware no one is allowed on the top floor. My Uncle who was with me that day also sees someone behind the girl and a face in the lower left corner of the second window. It wasn't busy that day, and the girl doesn't fit with anyone my uncle or myself saw. Nor why she would have been leaning out the window on a hot day, when she was in an air conditioned building.

Submitted by: Katherine

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There appears to be a second being to the left

  Staff comments:
The size of the girl does not seem proportionate to the window size. If the window is the same size as the one to the far left, then in my estimation, the girl should be quite a bit smaller. So a ghost is a possibility. I do realize that ghosts are not normally flesh colored but who's to say they can't be. If any of our viewers would like to try contacting the Newgate Prison in Connecticut, we would welcome your findings. Just need to rule out the possibility of a mannequin or even visitors being allowed in that room. I also see a second figure to the far left. Appears to be an older lady. 

See table below for possible explainable causes

Possible Causes if Not Supernatural

   Motion blur/movement    Manipulation/trickery
   Lens Flare/Glare    Film problems
   Cigarette Smoke    Distortion/bad lighting
   Double Exposure    flying Insect/object
   Dust/moisture/pollen    Dirty lens/smudge
   Glass reflection    Abnormal pixelization
   Result of Flash (to close)    Breath on cold night
   Spill on negative/photo    Normal shadowing
   Illusion/pareidolia    Hair, string, material
 Actual person or doll
   Could Very Well be an Authentic Ghost Photo
.  If not authentic the above are possible causes

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