I have attached a photo that I took of my TV. (Which is switched off) It was taken at about 7am.  I woke up and looked out my bedroom door to see this face staring back at me! We have had several strange things happen in the house and have actually had someone in to cleanse the place. They told us that they felt there was a mischievous child there but that it wasn't much to worry about. (That was before this photo was taken) Please tell us what you think.

Submitted by:  Anthony Mitchell

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


  Staff comments:
What a fun looking ghostly image on the TV! We of course cannot rule out normal images created from light and shadows, but it is impressive. The best way to make a definite determination would be for Anthony to look at the TV the next morning to see if a similar image is present. If so, it's simply an illusion. We thought this was fun and include it for your consideration.


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