This is a picture of a old Smoke house in Graves county Kentucky on some land my wife’s granddad gave to us. There use to be an old house on the property but the old lady died and then someone else lived in it and then moved out. The house was finally tore down and buried on the property. We are going to put a house right where that old smoke house was sitting. We set it on fire and I took the 2 pics with my cell phone. I did not see the faces in it when I took the pic it was actually a few days later I noticed all the faces in the close up pic I took. You can see them starting to form in the first pic but are very distinct in the second one. I'm curious what do faces in the fire mean or is it just a lucky photo taken at the right time. I see a devil, to the right I see a joker or clown with hair on fire right next to the right eye of the big face, to the left of the big face is a very noticeable face of what looks to be a old woman. I see a baby face and a couple other profiles. I still have them on my cell phone for proof if needed.

Submitted by:  Jeffrey

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com

Second Photo

  Staff comments:
It looks as if the house is screaming out in pain as it burns. In the top photo, I too see many faces...how bizzare!


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