My name is Jeff Messenger. I am an author of paranormal fiction, my first novel is titled "The Shroud of Torrington." I am also the founder of a ghost investigation group named "Shekinah Paranormal Investigations." During August of 2007, I set up a Hi-8 Sony night-vision video camcorder in a reportedly haunted cemetery in Connecticut. This camcorder was reinforced by an infrared peripheral light.  During the filming, my brother Jonn and I walked around the cemetery taking photographs. While watching through the camcorder's field of view, my brother and I saw a light anomaly fly past a gravestone. We comment on the video footage, thinking it was a large "orb." Upon reviewing the footage, it wasn't an orb, but a irregular looking white "ribbon." It flew rapidly out of view, seemingly appearing at the base of the gravestone previously mentioned. After a member of my group suggested the ribbon might be a bat flying by, I decided to analyze the footage frame by frame. No discernible wings or body features were found. No flapping motion was detected. BUT one frame of the footage seemed to feature a FACE within the ribbon! This frame from my footage was contrast enhanced. Please excuse the identifying titles on the photo, but I am very cautious.

Submitted by:  Jeff

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  Staff comments:
Good job, Jeff...I love the detail within the face!


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