I submitted this photo a while back, but it is pretty freaky.  I have the original photo and my friend who took the picture has the negatives if you would like those.  This picture was taken in 1999 at a resort in Walker, MN.  A bunch of girls just goofing off.  We never really noticed what was on the TV until a few years later, but it is a face.  The scanned image doesn't show the definition of the eyes and hands as well as the original so I will send it to you if you would like me to.

Submitted by:  Kristen

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


  Staff comments:
I don't see any signs of the Television being on, so that adds credibility to the photo. However, we can't completely rule out some type of video game being displayed on the screen. But if that's not the case and the TV was off, then we have a very unusual sighting....truly!


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