Not a real exciting story, but thought you might like the pic.  I was driving my usual route to pick up my youngest daughter at the babysitter, with my oldest in the back seat.  I decided I wanted to change CDs in my radio.  I have a four disc changer so it's kind of an involved process that I did not want to do while driving so I pulled off into a cemetery that I have traveled by countless times and heard numerous "tales" about.  After changing CDs I decided to just continue traveling through to the other side and exiting further down the road.  While driving through a part that I really wasn't sure was intended for vehicle passage Something caught the corner of my eye.  I said, "What the...?" and my daughters ears instantly perked up.  I backed up and told her that she had to see this.  I got out and proceeded to take numerous pictures with my phone.  I'm not sure how many times my daughter said, "Oh my gosh!"  After picking up my youngest, I went back home and got my digital camera and took a few shots.  I drove by it several days after that and it always appeared in the same place.  After a week off, I went back and it was gone.  I love this pic and will always remember the day I took it.

Submitted by:  Chad

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  Staff comments:
Wow, this one sure got my attention! Wouldn't that be startling to see in a cemetery?! Whether it was a one time appearance or part of the tree it's an incredible image. By way of information, I did request a current photo of the tree.


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