This particular photo has been around for many years. It's been especially posted on Alien and UFO websites. It appears to be an alien crossing the walkway and no one seems to be noticing him. We here at Ghoststudy have no details concerning this photo or it's history. We do know however, that this little alien guy has been superimposed onto another picture circulating the web as well. So there are two separate pictures making their rounds with the same creature. It could easily be a fake for a skilled photo person but exciting to consider the possibility of it being an authentic capture.

Submitted by:  Jim (Ghoststudy.com)

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com

Better clarity and with enlargement

  Staff comments:
My comments posted at top of page  _Jim

As to the image of the small alien visitor in the park. I can confirm that this is Bernardo O'Higgins park in Santiago, Chile. The uniformed man on the horse is a classic Chilean "Carabinero" or member of the national police force. I have walked this path many times and I am certain of the location. I have no explanation for the small figure.  _Doug A.

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