Hi... My name is Candy, I'm a lead investigator for a paranormal society in Canton, North Carolina called G.H.A.S.P. Research Team. The photo I have attached is one that amazes me. Camera used Fuji FinePix S700 digital camera - that takes clear crisp photos. It was after midnight at a local area that has myths and legends. We didn't go to investigate (this time) but just to show the location to a couple of friends. You can see two people in the picture (Shannon and Janet) then between them this brown/orange 'thing' appeared. When I first saw it, I thought the camera made some kind of image out of Janet... However, when I zoomed in, I noticed the 'thing' has no shape whatsoever like Janets and it appears to be headless or with a very dark head. It also looked ragged at the bottom and almost completely covers up Shannon. I do know in recent years, people have reported seeing a munk like figure at the location... Munk? I don't know - What do you think?

Submitted by:  Candy

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  Staff comments:
We must first consider the possibility of this anomaly being motion created from Janet, or even someone in the background. Not a likely conclusion since the anomaly is quite a distance above Janet. But there is evidence of red motion streaks in the far right center of the photo, so the theory is possible. The anomaly seems to be intertwined with the two people in the picture which is interesting as well. We can offer no formal conclusion on this photo other than it worth our consideration.

I have a photo also that I took in my dining room after my daughter and her girl friend said they heard a low growl. I walked in my dining room and actually saw this orange wide streakish blob and I said to it, I can see you and I snapped a photo and it showed up on film! I am wondering now if maybe the color orange represents something in the spirit world. Thanks, Darlene Trees

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