This pic was taken 3 days after stumbling onto old Indian ground behind my house in the woods next to my creek. The photo was taken in my living room with a cell phone. I swear this is the truth. I am afraid that I have disturbed something that I shouldn't. Please can someone help me.........Venessa Rether

Submitted by:  Venessa Rether

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  Staff comments:
We have received three emails stating that the image appears to be Benjamin Franklin. And we feel that there's enough of a resemblance to justify it's consideration.

If this is a true event and if Vanessa is worried that she has upset someone. What she can do  is take a pouch of tobacco and make a peace offering to the spirits.  Offer an apology and lay the tobacco on the ground, if she would like  to make a bigger one, find out what kind of tree the old ones would  have used as a staple in their lives back then and plant it on the  outskirts of the burial site. Thanks, Marnie Phillips

Unless I'm looking at this pic completely differently than everyone else I see NO resemblance Between the pic n Franklin. Thing that I noticed the most is that the expression on franklins face on the bill simply doesn't match the face in the  pic. Especially the eyes and nose. Gut feeling tells me this pic was not fraunded. As far as Vanessa being concerned that she may've upset someone/thing. Marnie's suggestion about planting a tree was on point. Native Americans I am told cannot taste in death/spirit. Yet, they are able to smell. So maybe/perhaps some kind of fruit tree would be good for planting. Just a suggestion. KJ

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