I took this picture at midnight in total darkness. I was on a quest to find Captain William Kidd's hidden cache treasure buried in 1699 in Berkshire county Massachusetts. The foggy mist that appears in the picture has the appearance of a face in the crevice.

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Submitted by:  Matt

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Captain William Kidd

  Staff comments:
I thought the treasure was buried on an island out at sea and not in Berkshire county, Massachusetts but I could be wrong. I guess there could have been treasure in several locations. The misty figure definitely looks like a face and does have a resemblance to Captain William Kidd.

Legends of his treasure are pretty common here in NJ-- the actual areas (more than one treasure is mentioned as he was also spending/buying favors up and down the eastern seaboard before his arrest --- many of the treasures mentioned belonged to his 'friends' and one of the families still lives on the island off NJ/NY where coins have been found. Supposed location of a NJ 'buried treasure' is now at the bottom of a lake (treasure lake) due to years of natural erosion and changes. Treasure buried in the Berkshires? Kinda question  the idea behind that one! Roch4t

Hi! I was looking at the William the Kidd pics when I noticed I see the face a little differently than the way you do. I'm including an attachment that shows what I see.
Thanks, for all you do!  GFW

Jim's comment: I saw it that way as well, but it seemed more natural the way I listed it. Interestingly enough, both ways look like a face.

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