This is a picture I took in 1996. Sorry about the quality the original has been handled a bit before I had it put into digital format. the house is my place I was getting built new at the time. The image is what looks like a blonde woman in the window which I was not aware of when I took the picture, there was a lot of thick trees and bush in front of the house on the hill so there is no way it could be a reflection, you can see what looks like one tree reflecting on the window and the woman you can only see the top half of her and there is a black hole were her mouth should be? I never had any other ghostly happening in this house and I lived there for 5 years but I have had some very powerful ghostly experiences in my life , which I will share soon on your site.

Submitted by: Paul J Davis

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  Staff comments:
To me it looks like a ghost figure with tall dark hair. Fascinating capture of what very well could be a spirit/apparition captured on film. Of course we can't completely rule out a live person but I'm leaning towards the idea of this being a ghostly figure.... cool!

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