Back about a year and a half ago my fiancÚ, now husband, lived a couple hours away in Tampa, Florida attending USF. One night he decided to take pictures of me on his bed. I went to the bathroom and when I returned he told me he had seen something dark move across the floor really quickly. He was not sure if he was seeing things but ignored it. He then proceeded to take more pictures of me in the mirror but they kept coming out bad because of the flash. He went to cover the flash and then uncovered it at the last second. After he took the picture and it came into focus he saw the huge face in his camera. We tried over and over again to take pictures and get the face to come up again but couldn't do it. We have no idea who this man is but he looks evil to me. I think it is so strange how his face is so definitive and you can actually see color in it. I have also had numerous people say there are 3 or 4 other faces in the picture besides the big face but I can only see one. I had a lady tell me to the right of the face there is two faces stacked up on top of each other and below the big mans chin there is a woman figure and then another woman below that one. If you have anytime to respond to this picture please do! I have never in my life seen ghost faces in a picture like this before. I think this is probably a little different from most pictures you see.

Submitted by:  Candice

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  Staff comments:
Yikes... what a catch! A shadowy figure is seen out of the corner of the eye and then this appears in their mirror! Some may say this is glare or haze from the flash but you would have to prove that to me! I see a clearly formed face yet somewhat disfigured with super large eyes in the mirror. If this were my house I would be startled by the implications this presents.

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