My wife, my son and I went to Tennessee this summer to visit some relatives, and we rented a cabin in Seveirville. I woke up pretty early that morning, made some coffee and was joined by my son around 9 am. Keep in mind that this cabin is about 1500 ft. above sea level, way up in the Smokies, and in a very obscure location. If anyone was coming up the road, you would hear them first. While I was having my morning smoke and walking around with my son sightseeing, I decided to take his picture. I didn't notice the apparition until about 4 days after I got home. Like I said, due to the location of this cabin, there is no possibility of this being a person or smoke or anything!!! Right in front of the car was a garbage can, the tree you see, and a cliff the drops off about 100 ft. I am really curious if anyone else in the area has ever seen anything like this, but it is unlikely I will ever even visit this place again. However, if anyone reads this who may  have info about this area, PLEASE contact me: Pre4122@yahoo.com. The cabin was at Laurel Mountain Cabin Rentals in Seveirville, TN.

Submitted by:  Timothy
Email address: Pre4122@yahoo.com

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


Extreme close-up

  Staff comments:
Through further correspondence, Timothy convinced me that this photo has not been enhanced. He also wishes collaboration with anyone else who knows of this place or who may have also stayed there. I have included his email for that reason. Great capture!


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