I am sending a picture in three different forms for your consideration. It was taken and captured by several of us viewers of The Asylum cams page.  This camera is the Haunted Farm camera and has incredible activity.  This is the original, inverted and an enhanced version of the same shot. I played around with it in photo shop for clarity, of what appears to be a shadow man in the doorway.  So many of us caught several shots that night of this shadow person at different times.  The inverted and enhanced versions show much detail. It doesn't seem to be a solid person.  I am going to email several other shots from the Haunted Farm Cam for your consideration as they are the most incredible shots I've ever caught or seen for that matter.  So much activity in that old house.  I don't know how many you are allowing per email so I will just send a few more with more captures.  Thank you for the opportunity and for the amazing web site.

Sincerely yours, Elyse Stout,  irishleesie@yahoo.com

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


  Staff comments:
We've seen some extremely interesting captures from the Asylum Cam and this is one of them.... keep'em coming!


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