My dad and I went to Stainton cemetery 22nd March just after 6:00pm-(uk time).The cemetery is only just under a 5 minute drive from were we live, On taking some picture`s in there and getting home after downloading the picture`s to my computer I spotted this ghostly figure of a lady, I was amazed at how clear she is and as being a member on several ghost cam sites I posted the picture on there and everyone thought it was an awesome capture of a ghost, I would describe the weather conditions as dry, sunny breezy and cooling down a bit, We weren't scared and didn't really feel anything I thought it felt rather peaceful whilst in there and my dad was taking the picture`s and he took some over the shoulder shot`s, Not sure if this was an over the shoulder shot, This is the original picture-a copy of the original picture with the figure outlined and also a crop of the figure, Thank you.

Submitted by: Lee / m.wright567@ntlworld.com



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