This is a capture from "Willard Library". One night I and my girl friend were watching the Willard cam hoping to spot a ghost. We love the whole ghost thing. We captured this at some point and what a surprise! This was taken at 9:50pm. The library was closed so we are thinking this is a child ghost! The second photo I call "Face in the fire", It was taken May 29 2007. My Dad and I have a bonfire going that night. My dad took this picture of me with his digital camera. I was sitting 10 feet away from the fire! The flames actually seem to wrap around my face as if it's an arm with a hand covering my face! I have to wonder if it's a Fire demon or ghost?

Submitted by: Anakin / anakin_smith@hotmail.com

Willard Library Cam capture (shadow guy)

This is not the effect of old film

Staff comments:
--We can easily tell that this is not the effect of old film. That effect would be in the forefront of the picture and not wrapping around the face. However, we cannot completely dismiss motion as a factor. But for that to happen, someone would have had to use something like a flaming stick in motion by his face.


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