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Jim of Ghoststudy bought this picture at auction for $15.00. It's a mystery as to the circumstances at the time it was taken. It appears to be a girl high in the air with an anxious crowd below. There's even a man taking a picture of the figure in the sky! At that height, I would think a trampoline would be out of the question. Another odd thing about the photo is that there's a partial image of a large dog in the middle of the crowd. A double exposure? ...It's definitely a possibility. But whatever is above the crowd is actually there and it's obvious that the crowd is aware of it. I suspect there is a logical explanation for this human figure to be as high as the church top, so any ideas from you would be appreciated.

The statement below is what was listed at auction.
"Original vintage 1960's glossy color photograph of a
ghost girl on top of a church and an anxious crowd below."

We now  have an explanation for the photo. Check out "Viewer Comments" below.

Submitted by:  Ghoststudy

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  Staff comments:
I now have the original photo and own all rights to it, but what is it that I have? Any ideas would surely be appreciated.  -Jim

Being from Canada it may be that I have a better idea of what might be going on here. The Inuet or as you might call them Eskimo have a activity they do which is now part of the northern games they hold where a bunch of them hold a hide blanket or tarp and they throw one of their group up in the air then catch them and so on. They can get quite high up I am sure that this is what it is because if you look at how the crowd is dressed several of them are wearing Inuet or Eskimo style winter parkas. I'm sure if you look around on the internet you will find examples of videos showing this activity.
Sincerely Peter

I think this link will clarify what I see.  It's a very popular activity for Alaskan natives during many different community celebrations.
Because of the way the individuals in the picture are dressed (winter coats) and the way they are standing shoulder to shoulder, the angle of the photo as well as the posture of the girl being tossed in the air......it's the first thing that I thought of. Really enjoy the site. -Tom

Or maybe this one:

Don from PA, The " High Flying Ghost Girl Figure " is a girl taking part in a Alaskan " Blanket Toss"  The photo is taken from a lower angle, making the person seem higher then they are. though they can be sent pretty high up. The Group of people are so close together is because they are the ones,on the camera side holding the blanket. Also the Coats people are wearing look iindigenous to that area, fur collars, ornate stitching on the bottoms of the coats. The Dog in the double exposure a very important part of the family in Alaska. Hope this helps. Love your site.  - Don

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