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The below photos are a few that were recently listed on eBay. They are the originals and quite rare. Under each photo I list the price that each sold for. The photos are obviously faked. Eventually the Falconer Brothers were arrested for fraud in South Africa. -Jim
Craig and George Falconer (whose mother was a conventional spiritualist medium) specialized in holding sittings where visitors were allowed to see the camera being loaded with fresh film and observe the whole process from exposure to development. This reinforced the authenticity of their psychic photographs, distinguished by the appearance of spirits alongside their human counterparts. They were eventually arrested, tried and convicted of fraud in South Africa in 1931, on the evidence of two plainclothes men posing as sitters. All their equipment was confiscated and the brothers were sentenced to pay fines of £150 each, or serve 12 months imprisonment with hard labor. The prosecution
established that the 'extras' or spirits they obtained were photomechanical images that displayed the
dotted appearance of screen-printing. The cloudy 'ectoplasm' was also found to be manipulated.
Source: artrabbit.com

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Auction ended Aug. 26th 2009 - Bought for $493.00

Auction ended Aug. 26th 2009 - Bought for $457.49

Auction ended Aug. 26th 2009 - Bought for 199.99


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