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Not sure if this ambulance actually sold for the amount of money asked. Apparently it was in the first movie but was not one one actually driven. How COOL would that be to own a movie classic such as this! -Jim
The Volo Auto Museum in Volo, Illinois, is selling the '59 Cadillac ambulance that was used as "Ecto 1" in the 1984 movie "Ghostbusters." With a new vintage air conditioning system, working lights and signature siren, this beauty can be yours for a mere $149,998, or $2900 a month for the next sixty months. Actor Dan Aykroyd's design of the "Ecto-mobile" was to be an all-black, evil-looking machine with white and purple strobe lights. The effect was intended to be more of a hearse as a pun on the Ghostbusters' job. However, almost every shot of the vehicle in the movie was at night -- if it had been painted black it wouldn't have shown up on film. The design that was eventually used was based on 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance. To emphasize the crazy nature of the characters, the producers attached all manner of junk on the roof to give it a "mad scientist" look: 3 police lightbars, a TV antenna, marine radome, firetruck siren, light board and even a giant air compressor tank were used in the finished product. There were three Miller-Meteors converted for use for the movie - the first was used for filming action scenes in the first movie, and the second for scenes in the sequel Ghostbusters II when the first car died during filming. Both of those cars are sitting on a Sony Pictures Studios overflow lot, and are rapidly being ravaged by time and age. The third was leased for the filming of the first movie and can be seen, painted flat black, at the beginning of the film. That car was later purchased by the studio and was turned into an Ecto 1 for promotional tours. That vehicle later found its way into the hands of famous customizer George Barris, who retained the Volo Auto Museum to sell the vehicle.
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Apparently the ambulance was placed for sale in Jan or Feb 2007. We have no idea if it sold or for how much. We do know that at one point, the car was on eBay with a starting price of $49,000.

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