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Some friends and I decided to visit a local cemetery. It was sometime in August of this year. It's where my father-in-law is buried.  We went with the hope of catching some orbs...which we got plenty of...some streamers of red and green also. When I downloaded the pictures, this little devil showed up! It is a cropped pic. If you look closer you can see a hand reaching around the stone and partial leg and foot. There was a cat that followed us all around. This picture was taken with a Nikon coolpic camera. If you would like to see the streamer pics they can be delivered.  Very interesting. Please let me know what you think as no one believes me!  After our visit, plenty of things around my home (car included) started to break down or just act weird.

Submitted by:  Laurie Nielsen

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  Staff comments:
Fascinating image and quite alarming! We also see what appears to be a head coming out the right side of the headstone. We here at Ghoststudy pulled this from an archived email from 2005.

Viewer Comments
When I saw this photo I immediately thought that it looked like the shadow of the little windmill thing in front of the tombstone. It has the circle in the middle, with the correct number of shadows coming off of it to match with the windmill. _Jessica Shepherd

See table below for possible explainable causes

Possible Causes if Not Supernatural

   Motion blur/movement  Manipulation/trickery
   Lens Flare/Glare    Film problems
   Cigarette Smoke    Distortion/bad lighting
   Double Exposure    flying Insect/object
   Dust/moisture/pollen    Dirty lens/smudge
   Glass reflection    Abnormal pixelization
   Result of Flash (to close)    Breath on cold night
   Spill on negative/photo    Normal shadowing
 Illusion/false positive    Hair, string, material
  Could Very Well be an Authentic Ghost Photo
.  If not authentic the above are possible causes

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