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My daughter was on the computer web cam talking to her friend who also was on her web cam. Her friend asked my daughter who is in the room with you? My daughter said no one my mother and stepdad are asleep. Her friend told her that there was someone behind her and all of a sudden my daughters stomach started to cramp up really bad and that freaked her out enough to take a picture. When she looked at the picture she could see a shadow so she decided to take some of the color out to lighten the picture and this is what appeared on her right side. I have no idea who this person is or what it is but it looks pissed off. We are rather alarmed to say the least.

Redheaven from our message-community solved the mystery... the submitter wasn't exactly honest with us. See staff comments at the bottom of this page

Submitted by:  Mary

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com

Lightened photo with evil face to the left

  Staff comments:
Sorry folks... this one has been proven to be a FAKE as of August 10th 2010. It's actually the little girl from the movie the ring. Thanks to Redheaven from our message community for solving the mystery.
Compare pictures below:

See table below for possible explainable causes

Possible Causes if Not Supernatural

   Motion blur/movement  Manipulation/trickery
   Lens Flare/Glare    Film problems
   Cigarette Smoke    Distortion/bad lighting
   Double Exposure    flying Insect/object
   Dust/moisture/pollen    Dirty lens/smudge
   Glass reflection    Abnormal pixelization
   Result of Flash (to close)    Breath on cold night
   Spill on negative/photo    Normal shadowing
   Illusion/false positive    Hair, string, material
  Could Very Well be an Authentic Ghost Photo
.  If not authentic the above are possible causes

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