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I hope you have the time to have a look at the attached picture – I’d be more than happy if you could have a look at it and help me to find an explanation for the anomaly in it. A friend of mine and I spent last weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland, and took a photo of an arch of a bridge. The picture shows an abnormality we have no explanation for and we would like to analyze the figure on the opposite side of the road in front of the wall. The picture was taken at Cowgate, Edinburgh, and the arch you see is the only visible arch of the South Bridge. The date & time set on the camera are not correct – the picture was taken on August 2nd at around 10:45 pm. The camera & setting details are the following:  

Camera maker: CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.
7.2 Mega Pixels Digital Camera
Model: EX-Z12
Settings used for the photo: Highest resolution, ISO speed: 400, no zoom 

What looks like a person walking on the pavement under the bridge cannot be a real person - when my friend took the picture, I was standing right behind her to look at what she was capturing and I am 100% sure that there was no one walking along at the time the picture was taken. I was so startled when I saw the picture on the display that I immediately took the camera and had a closer look at the photo. We took a few other pictures of the same scene immediately afterwards to see whether we’d capture it again, but we didn’t. I am sending you two of the photos we took afterwards for comparison, one without anything in it, the other one with a person walking underneath the bridge. It would be great if you could analyze the picture and let us know what you think. We are wondering whether it is possible to use photo analysis software to get rid of the blurriness and sharpen the figure. I’ve already tried my luck stretching and sharpening it a bit (attached picture “Edited&Zoomed”), and that’s all I can do with my software… We also took quite a few pictures of the surroundings the next day (unfortunately during daylight) and are happy to provide you with more information about the surroundings of the bridge if you feel this would be helpful. Thank you very much in advance and kind regards from Ireland. 

Submitted by:  Andrea Hoffmann

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


A second cropped picture taken immediately after

  Staff comments:
We were rather impressed by this capture. There's obviously some motion blur, so we can't make any definite conclusion but it is impressive. To us it looks like a possible entity sitting in a bowl (of all things). And there seems to be scroll somehow positioned or floating behind him. Of course, because of the motion, we can't rule out a homeless person sitting there as well. If only we could have had a clearer and closer shot, that could have revealed much. We want your thoughts on this, so please write us here and we'll post the best ones.

This email is concerning the photo "strange entity under bridge". The photo is of someone on a skateboard. also it was taken at night and used the night setting that's what caused so much motion blur. thank you for your time.  -Chris - Springhill, fl

See table below for possible explainable causes

Possible Causes if Not Supernatural

 Motion blur/movement    Manipulation/trickery
   Lens Flare/Glare    Film problems
   Cigarette Smoke  Distortion/bad lighting
   Double Exposure    flying Insect/object
   Dust/moisture/pollen    Dirty lens/smudge
   Glass reflection    Abnormal pixelization
   Result of Flash (to close)    Breath on cold night
   Spill on negative/photo    Normal shadowing
   Illusion/false positive    Hair, string, material
  Could Very Well be an Authentic Ghost Photo
.  If not authentic the above are possible causes

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