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NOTE: the photo was originally submitted to Paranormal.About.com. The owner submits her summary of the photo and we include a few viewer comments as well.

This is a photo of my aunt's wedding day. The year was 1942, and the photo was taken with a box camera. On some of my feedback I'm told it's not really there! Well, I know it is. This picture has been passed down. Please give me some feedback. I would like too see what everyone thinks. It was taken in Jasper, Alabama. -- Liz

It's an interesting photo. We have three possibilities:

1. It's an extraordinary case of pareidolia -- an illusion.
2. It's a hoax -- a very clever and well-executed one -- created with image editing software.
3. It's a genuine ghost.

I'm not ready to say it's a genuine ghost. And I think it's too detailed to be pareidolia. So I suspect -- and Liz, forgive me if I'm wrong -- that this is a manipulated photo. And my main reason for saying that is that the "ghost" is just too scary looking, like something out of a horror movie. It's just too theatrical. Your opinion? -- S.W.

Liz (photo owner) responds:
I thank you for your feedback on the wedding day photo, but I do not agree. These pictures were taken before I was born -- that's a long time ago. And when I saw the photos they have never changed. There is a lot about this picture no one can explain, and I think it's something paranormal. -- Liz

Submitted by:  William Myer

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


  Staff comments:
The picture definitely has that scare factor that we like to see. And it makes one a bit fearful for the young lady posing in the photo! We of course can't rule out all the usual stuff but there's enough detail to consider the supernatural aspect. We have however also considered the possibility of this image being a sheet or cloth hanging in the tree... and thus the face being an illusion created from tree matter. Of course photo manipulation has to be a consideration as well. Over all, the photo is quite impressive and worth our consideration.

See table below for possible explainable causes

Possible Causes if Not Supernatural

   Motion blur/movement  Manipulation/trickery
   Lens Flare/Glare    Film problems
   Cigarette Smoke    Distortion/bad lighting
   Double Exposure    flying Insect/object
   Dust/moisture/pollen    Dirty lens/smudge
   Glass reflection    Abnormal pixelization
   Result of Flash (to close)    Breath on cold night
   Spill on negative/photo    Normal shadowing
 Illusion/pareidolia    Hair, string, material
  Could Very Well be an Authentic Ghost Photo
.  If not authentic the above are possible causes

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