Clark writes, These photos are real. I took them in late afternoon & at the time I didn't see the Ghost. I used a digital camera. Fine pix . They were taken about 3 years ago.

Submitted by: Clark


  Staff comments:
__The blobby figured appears to be suspended in the air as if hovering. However, we here at Ghoststudy wholeheartedly believe that this is nothing more than a piece of fabric, cotton fiber or something very similar. For whatever reason, this object just happened to be up-close to the lens at the time of the snap. We also suspect that the flash was set to on, which explains the object being so bright and shinny. I would say the object is within three inches of the camera. I'm also wondering why at least three identical photos were taken of this landscape.

Note: just for fun...try throwing a few cheerios (cereal) up close to the lens at the time of the snap. And be sure to use the flash. The result will be shinny hovering objects in the photo.





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