My brother took this picture in Virginia City, NV at the Silver Queen Hotel, this summer. I was behind him, when he took the picture, and the hallway was empty. We noticed the Lady On the picture, later when we got home from our trip. We went back a few times again, but without any luck. The first time we were there, when this picture was taken, we had no idea that the hotel was haunted.

Submitted by: Aniko



  Staff comments:
__I have stayed at this Hotel in Virginia City during two separate events while on ghost investigations. So I can certainly attest to the fact that the Hotel is extremely haunted! However, a general rule of thumb is that when a photo exhibits motion blur, it should be discounted under most circumstances. And this picture is certainly in that category. A girls running down the hall with an inappropriate camera setting and without a tripod would appear ghostly. The flesh colored arm is also suspicious. So we cannot in good couscous acknowledge this as a true ghost. But in defense of the photo in question, we can't completely rule it out either. Ghost investigators should always be mindful of the camera settings and use a flash when appropriate. _Jim

Note: Just for fun, place your camera setting on "nite". Make sure there is adequate light but don't use a flash. Then have someone run by as you snap the photo.



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