Hi, my name is Karen Hoffman. I thought you guys might like to see these photos which were taken on a Kodak Easy Share CX6200 just this past weekend at a friends birthday party. I actually keep my horse at this property and he is often very spooked at night, which is so unlike him normally. Maybe he sees things I don't, after seeing these photos I'm sure that's the case.

Submitted by: Karen



  Staff comments:
__This particular mist has all the characteristics of the photographers breath on a cold night. I have done numerous tests by using my breath on cold evenings. cold breath (for some reason) looks like dirty mist on film in some circumstances. And the consistency and texture will look exactly as the above photo.  _Jim

Note: Just for fun, grab your digital camera and blow some of your breath out in front of the camera. but make sure it's a night cold enough to see your breath!



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