The photo attached is from my college graduation. A friend took the picture inside the church. There is a yellow "thing" next to my face that appears to be a woman's face looking at me. I was floored when I saw the picture.

Submitted by: Brandi



  Staff comments:
__This is typical of motion/movement from others in the room. The settings on the camera were obviously set so as to get the best portrait image possible. But it wasn't able to handle the movement in the background. I must admit however, I was a bit perplexed at viewing this photo initially. But I was able to find enough signs to determine an appropriate analysis. For instance, check out the blurry woman between the couple. Her shoulder is fairly clear but her head is blurred, indicating she is a living person but turned her head quickly at the time of the snap. Lot's of movement makes this a really creepy looking photo!   _Jim


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