These pictures were taken September 2006 at the Tripod forest fire in Northeast Washington state. My husband and I were working on this fire. The picture shows a plane above us. You can see the apparition on the right. We kept on taking pictures of this plane passing overhead. It was not until I downloaded that I saw these lights. The next 4 frames  were totally black. There were no other planes or helicopters in the area when the plane dropped the retardant. Any suggestions to what this light is?

Submitted by: Tami




  Staff comments:
Yes, this is a bug, probably a moth. At first glance it appears that it is far off in the distance, thereby suggesting that it could actually be human size beyond the branch of the tree. However, under careful scrutiny, we see that it's not behind the branch at all. It's actually within a foot of the camera lens. And the wings are rather obvious. We receive a lot of bug pics, so I thought it important to bring this to the viewers attention.  _Jim

Here's another one... this time it's a bird that was submitted



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