Dead Wife As A Coffee Table -  "Jeff Green is a 32-year-old American living in Arizona . Jeff's beloved wife recently died, causing Jeff to suffer great pain. Consequently, he did something quite unusual. He said, "I could no longer take the pain that my wife's death caused me, so I brought her back home." This is where Jeff's story has a twist. His wife Lucy had been born with a heart condition that cut off her life at the young age of 29. Her last words to Jeff had been, "We will meet again in heaven." But These words were insufficient to alleviate Jeff's despair. At the funeral, in desperation, Jeff decided that he could not let Lucy leave him. "I called the cemetery caretaker and explained my feelings. I spoke with the authorities and got special permission to take my wife home with me. They thought it was strange, but I'd rather have her at home than 6 feet underground. Lucy had a great sense of humor and I'm sure she would appreciate being my coffee table." Jeff ordered a special glass case that eliminates decomposition of the dead body. "It cost me about $6,000.00, but it was worth it." Some of his friends and relatives have stopped visiting Jeff but his true friends respect his decision and continue. Some even comment that it is a "nice piece of furniture".

Submitted by: Suzi


  Staff comments:
Apparently Snopes.com did some research and discovered this to be a completely fabricated submission and we agree wholeheartedly! First off it would be illegal for a cemetery or funeral home to release a body for something as crazy as this. However, we found it so amusing, we decided to post it here for those that may not have seen it circulating the web.


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