I'm enclosing with this email a photo taken with my Nokia N76 mobile phone at an office party taken in the cellar of a pub on 5th December 2007. The pub is called Waxy O'Connors Glasgow, Scotland. I can't find any word of the place being haunted. The photo is of my friend dancing from a distance from where I was sitting so the picture quality isn't very good. But you can clearly see that at her chest there is a face. It has what looks like 2red eyes and a very white female face. From where the light is shining from behind my friend, it seems wrong that the front of this face is so well lighted. Behind her is a lighted glass cabinet, where the face is, there was only a tall table, only Christmas crackers were on the table from what we can remember. I'm waiting to see if any other people from the party may have taken photos of the area, until then it remains a bit of a spooky mystery! It was my sister that had noticed it from the blown up version of the original photo. I showed my friend and she's very freaked out! I hope you post it on your site, it would very much appreciated! I would love to hear of any answers you may have too!!

Submitted by: Winnie



Super close-up

  Staff comments:
I don't know... but it sure creeps me out!  _Jim


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