I am a member of MUFON and the Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation in Virginia.   I  received a photo of an angel like woman looking out of a church window; the issue was the “woman” was about 12 feet up at the top of a window.  The photo was taken at a country church in Southern Virginia.  My intent was to see if something in the church (statue or portrait) or outside was somehow reflecting on to the window. I know the person that took the photo and I know it was not hoaxed. On October 22nd of this year we checked the interior of the church for anything that could explain the photo and could find nothing.  There is only one portrait and it is a head shot and no statues.  There is nothing outside that could have reflected on to the window to explain the photo and only an empty field across the road from the church.  We took multiple pictures outside the church from the same angle as the original photo as well as from inside. On two photos, in the same window as the “angel Pic” but at the bottom this time, we captured what appears to be the face of a man looking out. I will have to crop part of the photos off so that the church is not recognizable.  Photo church 1: original, crop 1 from the top of the window. church 2 from the visit, crop 2 from the bottom of the window.  I thought your readers may find these interesting.

Submitted by: Thomas

Female ghost

Close-up of the male face

Part of the church with the haunted window

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