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My friend and I were hearing noises in his house one night. The sounds were coming from the kitchen, so we went down there and found cabinet doors open, which we found odd. Well on the way back to our rooms I was trying to send a text message but couldnít for some reason. So we stood there trying to figure out what was going on with the phone when we heard another door open. We looked up and saw this ghostly figure. My friend had his phone out so he quickly took a picture as this figure stood there for a few moments. To me it looks like the guy had been hung and is wearing a stripped shirt with a black bowtie.

Submitted by: Chris L.

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  Staff comments:
I wrote Chris back and asked if he meant for this picture to go in the FAKE section. He responded with the below message.

Chris's response to Jim's query
No, it's definitely NOT fake. I have seen this sprit with my own eyes once before. Iíve been following GhostStudy.com since I was 13 and Iím going to be 21 soon. I have never seen something else like this in my life.  _Chris

Could this be a a true ghost photo? Is this what a ghost looks like on film? I guess that's up to each of us to decide for themselves. You are welcome to chime in at the email address below.  _Jim

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