This photo was taken of me by my sister in July 2006. We were playing around with her camera phone and had taken several pictures. It was at my grandmother's house and we were the only one's there at the time. My sister uploaded the pics to her computer a few days later and she noticed this. It looks like a very young girl standing in the doorway!

Submitted by:  Jean

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  Staff comments:
Very interesting photo of what appears to be a young girl. Perhaps a relation to the family. Because of the distance from the camera and the lack of charity, we obviously can't rule out 'trick of light'. We could be seeing the end of a bed, a crib or other type of furnishings. However, there's enough detail to warrant our consideration. It's one spooky photo. Hopefully the grandmother has done some research on who this might be, if indeed it is an apparition.

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