Ghoststudy writes, here is the famous picture of John Jr. under the presidents desk. But what you didn't know is that there's a ghost in the window as well! Hurry and get a good look before the federal government makes us remove the picture. If this is indeed a ghost, one must wonder if the Oval Office was haunted at the time or if there was an attachment to the President. If it's the Oval Office that's haunted, then the question would then be, is it still haunted today? Of course we can't rule out natural causes such as, glare, lens flare, window distortion etc. But one must wonder if a curious ghost was peeking in on the president that night. The close-up reveals what looks to be the face coming through the window. Some of the face is actually overlapping the window frame, at least it has that appearance.

Thanks to Michael for letting us know about this amazing photo!

Submitted by:  Michael

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