Kerry writes, "This photo is really bizarre to me and I don't see any explanation for why I caught this "person" in my photo. On February 19, 2009 between 11 and 11:30 pm I was fooling with the f-stops on my camera and would take a shot, check the results, move the f-stop, shoot, check, etc. I wasn't photographing anything in particular, just shooting towards the TV to see the difference the light captured made. I did NOT have the flash on at any point in my experiment. The only light that was in the room was from a lamp to the immediate left of me with a 100W bulb and the light from the TV. Seinfeld happened to be on. One of the scenes I caught was George walking out of an office. He turns back into the doorway, rests his hands on the door jamb on each side and continues to talk to someone. He is the only person in the scene for a couple of minutes and the scene hadn't changed when I took this particular photo (see attached). Only George's right arm and right side, hand and shoulder are clear to the left of the photo. His face and left arm are totally blocked out by the bright light. I tried taking others after this one to see if I could recreate the glare. Again, no flash was used. When I took the shots after I could clearly see what was going on, and who was in each of the scenes as I took them. The photo has not been modified in any way except to size down to send through email. My home is 109 years old. I've always seen things floating around in the dining room in the dark out of the corner of my eye, can hear people whispering and small lights whizzing by at times. My husband has seen a full bodied shadow out of the corner of his eye standing in the dark dining room as well. It doesn't bother me at all. I've never actually seen anything to this capacity so it came as a big surprise to me to find this "person" in my picture. The person captured is not familiar to me. I was also alone when this photo was taken, and I don't look anything like a man, so no reflection involved either".

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Submitted by:  Kerry Valure

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  Staff comments:
We normally don't publish these types of TV screen photos but this one seemed rather interesting. It should be stated however, that these types of occurrences are generally explainable. The explanation is usually the effect of a transition between two scenes. Add motion blur to the mix and similar photos could be created. So in other words, if you take enough pictures of a TV show, you will eventually capture a transitional scene effect. This particular photo displays an interesting image of a bearded man within the screen and although we can't rule out natural causes, it is worth considering.

If you are considering taking these types of photos for ghost research, keep these guidelines in mind. 1. Note the show you are watching at the time. 2. Use a tripod to avoid motion blur. 3. Use adequate lighting but do not use a flash. 4. For comparison purposes, take 10 or so pictures rapidly within a second or two of each other. 5. Compare the photos separately and note any that look ghostly. Then compare with the proceeding photo to consider the possibility of a transitional effect. Most times that will be the cause. Another consideration is also to video record the show in order to compare with the photos afterwards. If you get something interesting, send them along and we'll take a look.

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