I've been an amateur ghost hunter for many years (far before the TV shows or it became the popular fad). Anyway, I've been to what are purportedly the most haunted places in the country and other than a fun adventure I never got any evidence (photo, EVP, or otherwise) or had any unusually experience. About seven years ago my company booked a sales meeting at the Maryland House in Annapolis Maryland and the meeting coordinator mentioned that the place was supposed to be haunted. Now just to give you some history this Inn is over two-hundred years old and I'm told George Washington used to have tea there. When I retired to my room that evening I kept feeling chills and cold spots but didn't think anything about it.  I decided to take pictures to show people how spooky the room looked but to my dismay the flash from my digital camera brightened up the room and made it look quite nice. However, when I looked at the picture I saw what seems to be the headless image of a woman in a dress reflected in the mirror. The first thing I said to myself was "damn, why couldn't I take this picture in the morning, now I have to sleep here knowing that there could be something in the room. Anyway, I did get to sleep and kept awaking during the night to find the blanket pulled away and on the floor at the foot of the bed. The next morning I asked the hotel employee coordinating the meeting if the place was really haunted and she said the owners don't like her to talk about it because it may scare away patrons. Then I showed her the picture in my digital camera and she said "Oh my God, you have to send me a copy." I made a deal to send her a copy if she told me the story of the Inn. She said the Inn was haunted by two ghosts one was believed to be the town drummer whose room used to be where the bar was when I stayed at the hotel and who hung himself on one of the gables right outside my room. The other was believed to be an old woman who was hit by a carriage in the street outside and was taken into the lobby of the Inn where she died. Since the image in my mirror looked like that of a woman I assume the ghost I photographed (assuming it is a ghost) is that of the old woman. The first picture (bedroom1) is a wide shot of the bedroom showing the mirror in question. The second picture (bedroom 3) is a direct shot of the mirror with the image visible. Now there is a smudge across the top of he mirror which was visible to the naked eye. However, the shadowy image of the headless dress was only visible in the photograph. The third picture (BR Mirror) is a close-up of the mirror. 

Message from a viewer
I don't know if I'm just seeing things or is there also a face at the bottom left of the mirror in pic #2? It sort of looks like Linda Blair's character in the movie "The Exorcist". _marianne becerra

Submitted by:  Mike Armocida

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Picture taken of another angle of the room

  Staff comments:
The report was so interesting I decided to leave the full story intact. Normally I would edit the story down to a small paragraph or two. The Inn seems like a fascinating place to investigate. I bet a ghost hunting team would do well there.

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