All right, I can't explain this, I hope you can? I refer to what is hovering over the baby seat. I cannot make it out. Miniature storm cloud? Horrible udder-shaped balloon? Processing glitch? Very mysterious.

Submitted by: Peter



  Staff comments:
At first I was wondering if the baby might have thrown a toy, but I think not. First of all, this doesn't look like a toy. Secondly, a well planned and persist photo such as this, the baby would not be holding anything, especially something so bulky during the photo session. The only other consideration is that this could in fact be a "fiber" from a toy the photographer was holding up to obtain the babies attention. In that case, the object would have actually been in front of the lens and not over the babies seat. That too is very unlikely. I guess I would have to conclude that we have a real mystery here, and a fascinating one at that.    _Jim


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