I took this photo with a digital Cannon PowerShot A60. It was taken at  HersheyPark from the Merry Go Round. It was raining pretty steadily at the time it was taken, about 6 pm Dec 26th, 2007. I do not remember any people or objects in the shot, but there is something strange looking  just in front of the street sign, to the left of the blue dumpster like object.  I was just trying to get the pretty Christmas lights. If anyone can explain this away, that would be great! It creeps me out.

Submitted by: Tina



  Staff comments:
Very interesting photo. It has some of the characteristics of "photographers breath", but there would need to be more of it, if that were the case. The close-up looks as if it is wearing a robe with a hood. In other words, a traditional ghost image. I like it!  _Jim


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