Hello. This photo was taken in a cabin in the northern Allegheny mountains in Pa. In the second glass panel from the right, on left of the glass pane, appears to be a face. Although there were a couple of young girls there, they did not look like the face I see. The girls were too young.  This is not a reflection as you can see the whole couch reflection and the reflection of the carpet on the floor. The face just looks real to me even if it is dismissed because of the condition of the glass in general. This was taken with a point and shoot Kodak 35mm camera in the late 1980's. I don't have the negatives, they are lost/gone. I no longer have access to the cabin either, unfortunately.

Submitted by: Jeff

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Close-up of the face

  Staff comments:
There's enough detail within the face to warrant it's posting on Ghoststudy. We usually call this type of photo a "Soft Ghost" because it's hard to make a definite determination. Some also see a female face to the left as well. We of course cannot completely rule out window images because of the glass conditions at the time...but wow, it's a pretty creepy face!   _Jim


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