I have a photo attached of a reflection of a man in some sort of uniform. The photo was taken by me of a camera lens, sitting on the floor and I was over the top of it. I sell items on eBay so I was getting the close up of the lens information, I was wearing blue shorts and a gray shirt, I am clean shaven and do not ever wear a hat. I tell you this because the man in the reflection seems to be in some sort of uniform with a beard and of course there is also a whit smoke looking hand in the photo also. The only people in my house at the time were my wife, grandson and I. They were in another room when the photo was taken. While I do believe there is another dimension or something of that sort This is the closest I have ever came to actually seeing a ghost.     Our house sits on 24 acres and we have many photos from around here with orbs and dark figures in them.

Submitted by: Stegman

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  Staff comments:
I don't have an explanation for it. And I think the hand and arm are especially creepy!  _Jim


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