My 12yo and her friends were playing with photo booth on our new laptop using the infrared camera effect.  We live in a 252 year old farm house close to Brandywine Battlefield, that alone can be creepy.  However, this photo caught us off guard.  The person in the back of the three girls, we have no idea who it is.  The face appears different in shape and I assure you it is know one I know. We feel it is a ghostly apparition.  Do you have any
thoughts on this matter?  WE have had sightings by various people in the house, however I have never seen anything.  Various workers and children have seen "things" Thanks for looking at this photo Janice Cohen

Submitted by: Janice

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  Staff comments:
Using infrared film or an infrared camera setting will somewhat disfigure the objects in the photo. So without the image being completely clear, we are unable to make an accurate determination. However, the figure is certainly creepy. And take a look at that right eye! Very interesting photo.  _Jim


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